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Pregnancy Coaching

Pregnancy, labour, and childbirth are undoubtedly the biggest components in life’s ultimate marathon and training for the specific demands of each should be of utmost importance to every woman.

Navigating the incredible journey of pregnancy deserves the best possible preparation and recovery. 

Whether you need guidance on prenatal nutrition, staying active during your pregnancy, mental health, preparation for labour and childbirth, or postpartum recovery..

you've come to the right place!

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Hi, I'm Jayme

Located in Calgary, Alberta I began Nourish your Purpose with intentions to specialize in nutrition and fitness coaching. Throughout the journey of starting my own business and the fulfillment I found working 1:1 with women, I quickly developed my newest passion of Pregnancy Coaching.

I believe that in today’s day and age there is often a disconnect between what we have been traditionally taught about pregnancy and modern ways of thinking, especially in regards to exercise. Traditional beliefs have told us to be cautious, careful, and to rest.

My goal in becoming a Prenatal Coach has been to challenge traditional ways of thinking and to support the notion that physical activity during pregnancy is not just a “good idea” but rather CRITICAL for the health of the mother and child.

Through my 1:1 virtual coaching, my wish is for women to THRIVE through their pregnancy with a strong mind and body and to help them to FULLY RECOVER from labour and childbirth.

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About my Program

As significant benefits of prenatal exercise, that research has uncovered, have become more clear and much more widespread, women are now more active than ever during their pregnancies.

Unfortunately, there is very little guidance for women who want to stay active during their pregnancies other than what to “avoid” and what to “modify.”

While safety during pregnancy is, of course, important we should be preparing the body to successfully manage the high stress demands ahead.

This will not only help you to thrive through this journey, but do so with minimal risk of pain or injury. 

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